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3 year plan 2019 to 2021

We are aware that funding for services like ours is constantly changing. To secure funding our ideas for the future need to fit with the plans set out by NHS and Social Care funders and also the aims of charitable foundations who offer grants to organisations providing services to people with mental health challenges.
At this year’s away day we started to think about what we might want to achieve over the next 3 years. We thought of six areas that we could develop:
• Off-site/outreach working
• Working with young people
• Accessibility to our sites
• Support for carers
• Services for refugees and asylum seekers
• Maintaining the identity of Sydenham Garden
We want to develop these ideas over the next few months and also seek any further ideas people may have, so we will be meeting with as many co-workers, carers, staff and volunteers as possible. We plan to have agreed which ideas we want to take forward by early in the new year, and to produce our three year plan showing how we will doe this by the end of March 2019.
If you have any ideas of areas you think are a priority or want to be involved in supporting the implementation of the plans please do let us know, by emailing, or writing to Tom, Sydenham Garden, 28a Wynell Rd, SE23 2LW
Your support is key to the successful future of Sydenham Garden

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