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Beautiful Willow Lanterns

Our Growing Lives Project have been busy making beautiful Willow Lanterns.

As dusk comes earlier and earlier this time of year the need for lighting became pressing. Last year we installed bright LED lights powered by solar. This year we’ve made them much more pleasing to the eye!

Much more than just aesthetics!

There is no doubt this helps with the look and feel of our greenhouse hub. It makes it much more comfortable. But the activity itself was very beneficial to the health of our co-workers (the name we give beneficiaries). The use of Willow means an element of nature and craft has been included. This aids recovery from illness and improved wellbeing. Taking part as a group will have no doubt helped with social interaction. Confidence and self-esteem will have also been built through learning new skills, completing a lantern and all the positive comments that have followed!

To read more about Growing lives follow this link: The Growing Lives Project

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