Achievements are wide-ranging and significant

An exciting look at our achievements and challenges, as found through the 2016-17 Annual Evaluation.

This year’s evaluation confirms that the level of mental distress suffered by those coming to Sydenham Garden is greater than we have previously recorded. This fact is not surprising in the light of well publicised societal stressors together with fewer voluntary area opportunities. Despite this, the project continues to achieve significant success in facilitating the recovery journey of our coworkers (the name we give to beneficiaries).

The headlines from this year are:

• 349 co-workers accessed Sydenham Garden projects. This is 30 more than last year.
• 144 co-workers successfully completed a placement with us. This is 32 more than last year.
• Co-workers measured using the Warick Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale saw meaningful improvements to their wellbeing.

To read the report please click here: Sydenham Garden Annual Evaluation 2017

For more evidence on the benefits of our sector we suggest you look at Growing Health


4 thoughts on “Achievements are wide-ranging and significant

  1. What an amazing set of results! Congratulations to all involved. This should be national headlines and should be avaialable to anyone suffering with mental illness

  2. I must commend a fantastic and dedicated team, most of whom are volunteers. Sydenham Garden is a complete gem, not surprised people get better when they take part!

  3. A big Thank you to everyone involved in
    Sydenham Gardens.
    My Mum has been enjoying activities since 2012.
    Since becoming her full time carer since June 2013 I have seen the improvement and
    Priceless quality of life Sydenham Gardens
    gives to Mum and her group.
    I have also been a volunteer for nearly a year at her sessions and reflect at the end of the day people can make a difference.

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