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Bee Club at De Frene Market Garden

Bees have taken residency at De Frene, thanks to the Bee Club!

Bees and pollinating insects are in steep decline. It is estimated that to pollinate human food requirements by hand in the UK would cost £1.9billion each year. At Sydenham Gardens Defrene site the charity is doing its best to help reverse the decline in these essential insects by now running 3 working bee hives.

Bee Club and health

Beekeeping is now being recognised by mental health services as being beneficial to client recovery.Bee club was set up to run this summer and takes place once a week. Maria is a co-worker at Sydenham Garden who heard about bee club and decided to come along. She had never been anywhere near a bee hive before and got the opportunity to kit up and get up close and personal with one of our colonies. She was even in charge of the smoker!

Maria found the bee suit she had to wear a bit claustrophobic. But after a short time, she found she got used to it.
Participating in the hive inspection gave Maria a sense of joy and achievement. It was an experience she had never had before.

Well done Maria!

To find out more about beekeeping, or to source some local honey, visit the British Beekeepers association (click for link)

To visit our bees, you could always come to our family-friendly volunteer day (click for link), or the De Frene Summer Festival (click for link)

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