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Bees have arrived and safely moved in

The bees have arrived!

Many people from across our organisation turned up to witness them being installed into their new hive.

5 Checking the Bees are healthy and finding the queen

Here we are checking they are healthy and finding the Queen.

Jeff our bee mentor

We have been lucky enough to have Jeff volunteer as our Bee mentor. Here he is explaining that bees respond to mood and how we can practice “Bee-Chi”, a version of Tai Chi to help them stay calm.


David is being zipped into his bee suit. Some people practice bee keeping with less safety equipment. But we are not taking any chances until we are all a little more experience!

4 Lighting the smoker

We used the smoker to make sure the bees were calm when we opened the hive. Apparently, the smoke makes them think there might be risk of a fire so they fill their bellies with as much honey as they can. Just in case they have to move hives. This has a natural calming effect on them making it much safer to open the hive.

7 Visit by guys from the office

And it was great that we were joined by a few of the team and co-workers from our Wynell Road site! A great afternoon!

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