The Charity Film Awards – Thank you for voting!

We were shortlisted!

A huge thank you to all who voted. We made it into the final 10 out of 480. Unfortunately the judges decided we were not to be in the final 5.

Sydenham Garden is in the Charity Film Awards – Voting now closed!

In 2015 Matt Carvosso produced a wonderful short film on our behalf. The film tried to capture what Sydenham Garden is all about. He did such a fantastic job that it was nominated for an award!

Why is this good for us?

In the boom of social media and with increasingly lower cost of production, film and video content is now considered a key component in many charities’ marketing tool kit. The Charity Film Awards have been created to celebrate the success of film in fundraising, to increase exposure of charity films and to encourage donations for good causes. As such we hope that this award will help raise our profile, and our success, in raising funds.

See the video at at: Charity Film Awards/SydenhamGarden

How does it work?

The categories for entering are based on the charity’s turnover for the latest financial year, so everyone has a chance to win an award regardless of the size of the organisation and the budgets available.


6 thoughts on “The Charity Film Awards – Thank you for voting!

  1. So lovely to be nominated for this award. Thanks to Matt for a great job, the team for putting themselves in front of the camera, but most especially our co-workers (beneficairies) for facing the crowd head on, challenging stigma and putting themselves out there!

  2. ~ The Artwork (Image) on the delivered post of facebook is conducive to inflicting injury on those that see it. In that way, not only will it hinder interest, and cause ill-health, but it will hinder the interest factors and any donations arising.

  3. This is great news and a real achievement to make the shortlist! The film is very impactful and really conveys what Sydenham Garden is all about. Fingers crossed! 🙂

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