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Co-worker Focus

Growing Lives Co-worker

I was referred by my Psychotherapist. I have always enjoyed gardening and wanted to do something that would help my mental health as I struggle with ups and downs. Being part of the group and being around other people has really helped me, I have been able to build relationships with people and I have enjoyed working on a shared task with other people. One side effect of my medication is a loss of appetite, so coming to the group has been really important because it has been one of my main nutritious meals in the week. I am planning on carrying on with gardening activities and taking part in other nature-based projects to help me maintain what I have achieved from coming here.


Arts & Crafts Co-worker

I was referred by my GP at Sydenham Green Group practice. My anxiety and OCD was very high. I wanted to get out of the house as I didn’t really leave the house that much and I needed space to get out and do something. I enjoyed everything about being in the group, everyone was so friendly and understood where I was coming from. Going on an outing with the group was a massive deal for me because I was scared of getting on the train but I managed it and it was great. I don’t have much use in one of my hands and being in the group has given me the ability to adapt and use my other hand instead of giving up. I feel proud of myself, I get out of the house more now and socialise with others. I have made some friendships from the group which I really value. I plan on carrying on doing creative activities and joining the art club at Sydenham Garden.


Garden Project Co-worker

I was referred by my work coach. I thought it would be good for me to get involved in some activity and to be around people as I was spending a lot of time on my own. I wanted to gain more confidence and open my mind to new things. I have enjoyed being in the garden and watching it develop. I have enjoyed being with other people and sharing activities. I have gained dirty fingers and a good connection with the local community. I didn’t feel like I was judged in the group, so now I feel like I can be myself more with people. During my time here a few more plants have appeared in my house and I have more of an interest in gardening. I am planning to take part in the Growing Lives project at Sydenham Garden.


Growing Together Carer

The wonderful environment at Sydenham Garden, the structured activities outside and inside and the focused support for my needs as a carer is just invaluable.  It’s an absolute life-line.

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