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Co-worker Focus, Garden Project

Garden co-worker (beneficiary):

I heard about Sydenham Garden through taking part in an IAPT (Improving Access To Psychological Therapies) group session at the Wynell Rd site. I took part in a gardening activity and liked it and asked to be referred. I thought it would be a good opportunity to learn gardening skills and to be in a tranquil and peaceful place where there were nice people
I have really enjoyed being part of a group. I feel a real bond with everybody. They are friendly, warm, supportive and welcoming.
From taking part, I think I have gained confidence and have learnt new skills. I have become happier. I have been seeing things more clearly now and understand myself better. I am now able to open up to people more about how I am feeling. I think being so closed and keeping things to myself was one of the things that caused my depression.
Next, I am planning to take part in the Growing Lives project.

Note: Details have been changed to protect anonymity, and photos are related to the Garden Project, rather than the co-worker
Garden Co-worker

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