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Co-worker focus – Growing Lives

Growing Lives co-worker (beneficiary):

Fred, Growing Lives co-worker: I was referred by Mind. I wanted to join to meet people, get out the house. I was working for 40 years when I developed a bad back. After a while I had a medical discharge. Losing my job, and no longer working with people pushed me over the edge. I became very depressed.
I’ve enjoyed everything about my placement. Meeting people. It’s just a happy place to be – everybody is so friendly. I’m a very social person so like meeting new people. I’ve enjoyed doing all the work, seeing results, seeing stuff grow. I’ve been learning how to cook, seed sowing, potting on, clearing and preparing raised beds.
My depression has improved in a big way. I’m also seeing a counsellor which is helping. I’m feeling physically better, but waiting for summer!

Note: Details have been changed to protect anonymity, and photos are related to the Project, rather than the co-worker.

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