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Colfe’s School: Community Day at Sydenham Garden

It was fantastic to welcome a group of  pupils from Colfe’s School to the Resource Centre at the end of June. The visit was part of the school’s Community Day activities which saw Year 12 pupils volunteering with local community organisations across Lewisham.

The team from Colfe’s, including a couple of members of staff, took on the challenging job of rebuilding our clay bread oven in a day. Over the period of the Covid-19 pandemic the oven had unfortunately fallen into a state of disrepair and at one point we even had a couple of fox cubs sleeping in it!

The pupils and staff had never taken on such work, but with great enthusiasm and cheerfulness they got stuck in to demolishing what remained of the old oven before preparing a new former (to give the oven it’s distinctive shape); mixing the cob (a mixture of clay & straw) and then constructing the new oven. 

The finished oven is a credit to the team’s hard work and willingness to take on something new. Many thanks to all the team for all your effort on the day – you did an amazing job, well done.

Thanks also goes to Zoe Kendrick at Colfe’s for arranging the team’s visit and to Edwin Lampert of The Brun Bear Foundation for making the initial contact with us on behalf of the school.



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