Garden Voices

Join us for a gorgeous afternoon of summer music in the beautiful setting of Sydenham Garden.

Garden Voices will be like no other choir event you’ve been to.

14th July, 12.30 to 16.00

We will be asking for donations (suggest £5) on the door. Proceeds will go towards the work of Sydenham Garden and what’s more, your donation will get you tea or coffee and a slice of cake!

Wood Fired Pizza at Garden Voices

sold out
Homemade veggie pizza’s (one pizza serves 2) are available to pre-order here: Order your pizza
Pre-ordering is essential, and comes with unlimited salad.

Pizza has sold out!

. Please bring a picnic, or if we manage to cook all the pizzas that have been ordered then we may be able to make a few more.

Spring Fair 18 pizza

5 thoughts on “Garden Voices

  1. I would like to order 2 pizzas, but the system does not seem to be allowing me.
    I will be one of the singers this Saturday. I set up a direct debit, but still no joy on ordering.

    1. Hi Laurie, I can see that you’ve ordered 1. I’ll put you down for another. We’ve just sold out, but the extra one will be fine!

      1. The Garden Voices event last Saturday was Great.
        Any chance of making a regular Sydenham Gardens Event.

        Brian Tester

        17 July2018

  2. Tom

    Thank the choirs, for me.
    All the choirs at the beginning was brilliant.
    We saw two individual choirs perfornces, again Brilliant.
    We left at 3pm having thoroughly enjoyed what we were able to see.

    Another really good day at the Gardens

    Brian Tester

    17 July2018

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