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Health and Gardens, an increasing profile

Gardening Your Way to Health by Mary-Claire Mason is in this weeks Nursing Standard journal. It features Sydenham Garden and the link between health and gardens.

Sydenham Green Group Practice started Sydenham Garden and patients continue to be referred to our projects. Gardening Your Way to Health references this partnership and our work in response to growing evidence for health and gardens. Evidence for the benefits of “Ecotherapies” has grown over the past decade. It includes studies and reports such as the Ecominds Project, and Growing Health. It has been a great pleasure for Sydenham Garden to take part in both of those studies. Furthermore we continue to share our findings, practice and experience with other networks.

Perhaps the most noteworthy report so far is the recent Kings Fund report: Gardens and health. It emphasises the importance of gardening interventions on the wider health and care system, and makes the case for the further integration of gardens and health into mainstream health policy and practice. This is tremendous progress. As such we are hopeful that future policy and practice will reflect this report. Expect more publications like the RNCi in the coming months. To read the article click here: Gardening your way to health

We also produce our own reports. In May 2016 our evaluation showed that co-workers (our beneficiaries) who complete a placement in our Garden Project meaningfully and clinically improve their health. To read the full report click here: Sydenham Garden Annual evaluation 2016

If you would like to help people with their recovery from mental ill-health please think about joining our volunteer team. Sydenham Garden runs sessions for more than 300 individuals on a weekly basis and to achieve this we have varied volunteering opportunities. These range from supporting co-workers in their sessions to volunteering days for the whole community. To make an application please click here: Volunteer with us

Gardens and Health

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