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Jo Starts as Art & Craft Project Lead

Jo starts as our new Art & Craft Project Lead

Jo writes:

“Hello! My name is Jo and I am the new Project Lead for Art and Craft at Sydenham Garden.
During the last few years I have worked teaching art to groups in both schools and for charities. As an art therapist I have worked with various community groups and led one-to-one sessions.
Before that I worked for several years in a housing office in Leeds.
I started working at Sydenham Garden in May this year. My first few weeks involved spending time with the other projects; meeting lots of new people, attempting some gardening and eating a lot of biscuits! Meeting Sarah was great, she handed the group over to me with an abundance of sound advice and encouragement.
On Tuesdays I work in the office and each Wednesday I lead the Art and Craft groups with a wonderful team of talented volunteers. Some of the activities we’ve done so far are card making, collage and printing with lino. In the summer we enjoyed making tissue and PVA glue ‘stained glass’ windows and adorned the doors of the Community room with them!
In August we decorated stones with mandala designs. Once finished we took them into the garden for a photo shoot.
With our new-found skill, a small group of us successfully ran the same activity at the De Frene Summer Festival. Lots of children (and adults!) took part, it was a lot of fun for everyone! And now I am looking forward to the SG Winter Fair and much of what we make in the next few groups will be seen – and on sale – there.
For some co-workers, the last time they made art was at school – rediscovering creativity years later in the Art and Craft group. My favourite part of the job so far has been watching people begin to enjoy the process of making art and take pride in the beautiful things they’ve produced.”

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