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Meaningful and significant results

Annual Evaluation of Sydenham Garden Projects

This years report is out and shows meaningful and significant results for our co-workers (the name we give to beneficiaries). The evaluation confirms that, in the light of well publicised societal stressors, we continue to establish positive change for co-workers.

The headlines from this year are:

• 354 co-workers accessed Sydenham Garden projects. This is 5 more than last year.
• 129 co-workers successfully completed a placement with us. This is 25 less than last year.
• Co-workers measured using the Warwick Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale saw meaningful improvements to their wellbeing.
To read the report please click here:
Sydenham Garden Annual Evaluation 2018
While we maintained our level of success from previous years, referral numbers have slowed down, co-worker numbers began to fall in the commencing category. Before the end of the year, potential reasons were being investigated
For more evidence on the benefits of our sector we suggest you look at Growing Health

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