Co-workers who benefit most from a placement at Sydenham Garden in our Adult Mental Health groups are those living with anxiety, moderate depression or those living in isolation, although we can benefit peoples health no matter what their diagnoses. The structure of sessions and the social environment allows them to move forward on their path of recovery within a programme of supported and meaningful activity.  The major benefits of a placement at Sydenham Garden are increased opportunities for social interaction, improvements in mental and/or physical health and an improved quality of life.

We also have specific activities under our Sow & Grow project for people diagnosed with dementia.

In order for co-workers to gain the most from their time at the Garden, we have found from experience that there are some key success factors:

  • Co-workers need to have a level of independence that enables them to engage in meaningful occupation and to carry out a task independently or with minimal 1-2-1 support
  • Motivation and commitment to participating in our activities should be at a level that will allow for regular (weekly) attendance
  • Attendance and participation in sessions should help to move co-workers forward on their path of recovery through developing confidence, encouraging self help and providing opportunities to gain new or rediscover existing skills. An active interest in and commitment to setting and working towards goals is essential in achieving this.

Where manageable recovery is considered difficult or impossible, attending sessions should be expected to improve at least one of the following to a noticeable degree for the duration of their placement; quality of life, level of social interaction, physical health, mental health.

Accessibility: Sydenham Garden seeks to be as accessible as possible. Our Resource Centre is fully wheelchair accessible, as is the majority of the garden site at Wynell Road which has been designed with people with diverse needs in mind. We provide specialised tools and equipment for those with disabilities, and have an adaptable computer workstation and hearing loop available in our resource centre.

Our De Frene site is a little more difficult to access although we have put in a considerable amount of work to address this. Please let us know if you have any comments or queries