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Remembering Fanmail at Sydenham Garden

Fanmail at Sydenham Garden

famail workshop in action

Over 4 Monday mornings in during the summer a group of 8-10 people gathered to learn to make fans; some were old friends of Sydenham Garden and others came specially for this workshop. There are so many kinds of fans, and we learned about folding, sticking and decorating. But these were no ordinary fans, they were fans with messages. The idea was to write a message to a friend, a loved one, to yourself, to the world, or to someone who has passed away, on the fan. Because of the way fans are constructed, this could be a public message, one to be seen only by the recipient, or one hidden away for ever, and the group tried them all.

fanmail final creation

In July we held an open workshop as part of the Sydenham Festival, and then exhibited all the beautiful work, hanging it in the Greenhouse or in among the trees. While the Sydenham Singers (Sydenham Gardens Choir) sang beautifully for us, the public wandered around the Garden, pulling the fans down on their retractable strings, so that they bounced back up when you had finished. It was a lovely atmosphere and we loved working in the Garden. Thank you!

Sue Mayo

To watch a video and hear from participants, click here

fanmail inspection

Public examining Fanmail

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