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Sow & Grow Animated!

Thanks to the wonderful filmmaker, Katy Milner, our Sow & Grow co-workers have created an animated film, which was shown as part of the recent Age Against the Machine festival in Lewisham.

We wanted to make a beautiful film to show the positive and remarkable achievements that come about in the Sow & Grow groups at Sydenham Garden.

We had a session where we wrote a poem from collective thoughts and inspiration from our garden. These, and the interviews Katy recorded, are woven into the film. Katy led the most amazing sessions—filming personalised cardboard characters in and around our garden.

Our co-workers showed a fantastic ability to learn a new skill. What shone through was the joy it gave them as they worked together and the fun they had when realising they had made what they were watching. The film enabled co-workers to  express themselves through their characters. Those with difficulties getting their voice heard made a huge contribution to a story told in their groups. Their ability to concentrate improved as the sessions continued, the pride in their work shone and that moment of empowerment was seen.

It has been an amazing experience and a beautiful project to be part of. All this goes to help our co-workers counteract their struggles and show them and the wider public that you most certainly can learn new skills, have a voice and have fun, whilst improving your well being and live well with dementia.

Rose Pickering, Dementia Project Lead


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