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Sow & Grow / McCarthy Stone Foundation



We would like to offer our thanks to the McCarthy Stone Foundation for their very generous grant they recently awarded Sydenham Garden for our Sow & Grow project. The grant will help us to continue our work helping local people in the early stages of dementia through weekly activity sessions at our Resource Centre.

This is a new funding opportunity for Sydenham Garden and Graeme Marsh the Foundation’s manager notes:

“The Sow and Grow project at Sydenham Garden aligns well with our Foundation, not only in the clear beneficial impact that it has on the co-workers involved, but also in how the charity approach the challenges of supporting people living with dementia. The programme is innovative and empowering, while also supporting our wider aims of intergenerational activity and community regeneration. This programme helps to foster the feelings of independence and connection that are so important to the mental health and wellbeing of all older people, but are acutely impacted by living with dementia. We are looking forward to working closely with Sydenham Garden and seeing the Sow and Grow programme help support more older adults living with dementia in the months and years to come”

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