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Sydenham Garden Video

A short video about Sydenham Garden

This video aims to give you some brief insight into Sydenham Garden, whether you are interested in being referred to one of our projects, or making a referral, or whether you are wanting to support us financially or to volunteer, we hope you will find it useful.

We are grateful to all of our incredible co-workers who allowed a camera into their space to share boldly and bravely about their story. There were many stories that we couldn’t include, but we will be posting up some of those stories on the project pages over time.

We are also so thankful to Matt Carvosso ( for filming and producing the video.  He is a true friend of ours and not only produced a film of beauty and depth, but did it with sensitivity and understanding throughout.  Along with Matt, another friend of ours: Jon Bilbrough composed and produced the inspired accompanying music, thank you.



  1. Donald Macleod
    11th November 2015 @ 11:12 pm

    Donald likes Garden he has his own Allotment in Chadwell Heath in Redbridge.


  2. Jonathan Price
    16th December 2015 @ 11:19 am

    Love this video! Really describes everything about Sydenham Garden so well!


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