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Sydenham Gardens’ Annual Evaluation

We are very pleased to share our achievements and challenges through our 2015/16 Annual Evaluation

This year’s report shows the continued effectiveness of the work of Sydenham Garden’s four main projects. When we measure our work Sydenham Garden achieves rates of improvement similar or better than those achieved by psychological interventions targeted at much narrower diagnostic categories.

The wide range of difficulties encountered by our co-workers makes appropriate evaluation an on-going challenge but our staff and volunteers are to be congratulated on the results achieved through the activities they provide and the community they foster. We will continue to critically examine our evaluation methods as the projects develop so that they reflect as accurately as possible the many ways our co-workers benefit. However listening to what our co-workers tell us in interviews will remain a key way of understanding our impact.

The headlines from this year are:

• 309 co-workers (the name we give to beneficiaries) accessed Sydenham Garden projects.
• 112 co-workers successfully completed a placement with us.
• Co-workers health and wellbeing meaningfully improved during their placement.

We are grateful for the time and effort put in by our wonderful team and co-workers, the majority of whom are volunteers.

To read the report please click here: Sydenham Garden Annual evaluation 2016

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