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Volunteering at SG- We need you!

Volunteering is good for you!

A fact evidenced by the many studies that led to it being included in the NHS choices Livewell programme.

Another fact is that it’s good for Sydenham Garden. According to our 2015/16 Annual Evaluation volunteering is worth a minimum of £168,777 to the organisation. Even on its own this is a whopping figure. It, however, is a huge underestimation as volunteer contribute much more than simply the equivalent of the living wage. Volunteers come to us with all kinds of background and experience. We have nurses, engineers and database designers, just to name a few! There are also have retired folk, students and job seekers! Our organisation is mostly led by volunteers, facilitated by volunteers and financed by volunteers. As such, a co-workers’ (the name we give our beneficiary) recovery is based on someone’s willingness to volunteer. Therefore we need you!

Volunteer Roles

There are a number of roles available. Currently the most pressing role is that of co-worker support. Co-worker support roles are available across all our projects and are very simple for people to engage with. All you need to have is the ability to be present and supportive! Support volunteers help the project or session lead with running a therapeutic session. They arrive before the session begins, and then help the co-workers take part in the session. The minimum requirement for this role is that you can make it on a weekly basis for one three hour session.

Other roles that are absolutely vital to Sydenham Garden include admin volunteers who help in the office, and Trustees who help govern the organisation. These two roles do require certain attributes. If you possess the relevant ones we would be very interested in hearing from you, please do get in touch!


Some drop-in type roles are also available. Community volunteer days happen at the De Frene site every third Saturday of the month February to October. These days are a great non-comital way of contributing. They are also lots of fun. People off all ages come together around a task. These include apple pressing, weeding or clearing, and always finish off with a hearty lunch!

Getting involved

The volunteering process can be very daunting. We therefore encourage you to come along to our sessions or events and say hi first! Take a look, and have a chat. Then you can make a decision confident that you have all the information.
Make and application

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  1. Dr John Kelliher
    4th October 2016 @ 11:25 pm

    I could be suitable for co-worker support having been a co-worker previously.


    • Tom
      5th October 2016 @ 12:14 pm

      Hi John. Please feel free to come in for a chat. Take a look at the various projects we are currently running and see where you think you could help. Looking forward to hearing from you.


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