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Art & Craft

A social and therapeutic group project, using Art & Craft to help people with their recovery.

Sydenham Garden currently provides Art & Craft sessions based in the Garden at Wynell Rd. The Art & Craft Project Lead is a qualified art therapist who is supported by a team of volunteers. 

Co-Workers are offered 12 month placements. Once the 12 months are complete, where possible, co-workers are referred to suitable outside agencies/organisations, or internal projects like Garden or Growing Lives.

A number of one-off Art & Craft themed events are provided during the year and co-workers contribute handmade candles, greetings cards, cakes, preserves and other made or decorated items to the Spring and Autumn Fairs.

Co-workers receive a rich and varied experience while taking part in Art & Craft sessions. The majority of co-workers report improvements in their social inclusion and interaction and believe this is because of increased confidence, a non-judgemental environment and feeling generally safe. It is clear from recent reviews that the sessions almost always lead to a positive change in co-workers quality of life.

Currently Art & Craft receives no direct funding, although it is funded through donations, income, and indirectly by the Henry Smith Charity and London Borough of Lewisham.

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