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Our Adult Mental Health Activity Groups

Please note that all sessions are only open to co-workers who have been referred to us, and offered a placement in each particular group and are not available for drop-in. All session times are subject to change, and potential cancellation. New groups may be added at any time.

Find out more about making a referral to any of these groups on our How To Make A Referral Page.

African & Caribbean

2 hour session – weekly (Mon) – 1 year placement – Wynell Rd
This is a project for people who identify as having African or Caribbean heritage. The group involves a range of creative art and crafts, horticultural and mindfulness activities.

Art & Craft

2 hour session – weekly (Tues & Weds) – 1 year placement – Wynell Rd
A social and therapeutic group project, using Art & Craft to help people with their recovery. Activities include print making, clay work, painting, weaving and mosaic making. Most art works are taken home, but groups also contribute their art works to sell at fairs and stalls.

Our Adult Mental Health Activity Groups


2.5 hour session – weekly (Mon & Wed) – 1 year placement – Wynell Rd
A group project based on the principles of Social and Therapeutic Horticulture. Sessions involve horticultural activities, seasonal activities, conservation and outdoor crafts, based in our Victorian garden and nature reserve at Wynell Rd.

Growing Lives

2 hour or 5 hour session – weekly (Tue, Wed, Thurs) – 1 year placement – De Frene Rd
The project runs social, therapeutic and vocational horticultural sessions. Based at our market garden site at De Frene Rd, sessions involve food growing and maintaining our cut flower garden, along with conservation activities. Sessions are either morning, afternoon or a full day (5 hours).

Wellbeing Wanderers **Next group starting Sept 2022**

2 hour session – weekly (Tues) – 3 month placement – Various green spaces, Lewisham
A structured, friendly, gentle walking group for improving physical and mental health. We will visit sites of historic, natural history and local interest, including parks, community gardens and woodlands. This group is for people with a level of independence or support that allows them to get to different meeting points each week, and who are able to walk for at least an hour, occasionally on uneven ground.

Practical Organic Garden Course **Next cohort starts Oct 2022**

2.5 hour session – weekly – (Thurs) – 5 or 10 month placement – Open College Network (OCN) Accredited Level 2
An educational group for people interested in horticulture and conservation who want to gain a vocational (Open College Network) qualification. Placements are fully funded (i.e. free for participants) and will be offered to people who are keen to learn and who might be considering training or starting/returning to work.


Find out more about making a referral to any of these groups on our How To Make A Referral Page.

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