Payments Page

We can recieve payments through GoCardless (direct debit), cash or cheque.  You can also transfer money directly into our Bank Account.  If you would like to make a Bank transfer we will email you the details.

Room Bookings and Premises Hire

To set up your deposit and/or payment fee through GoCardless use the following link:
Set up a Sydenham Garden Payment,
Sydenham Garden will not charge you until the booking has been confirmed and the rate agreed. This is a Direct Debit and can be used for one-off or regular payments


£28 Annual friends subscription (+£2 booking fee)
£4.50 Monthly friends subscription (+0.50p booking fee)
please make sure you also fill out a friends subscription form indicating your chosen method for payment
Friends form

The following payments need be to be agreed with Sydenham Garden before being made as there are limited amounts/spaces available:



Sow & Grow (dementia courses) fees

£48 payment for Singing and Movement Course (+£2 booking fee)
£22 monthly payment for Sow & Keeping Growing group (+ 0.50p booking fee)